The DCCG Ready-Mix Concrete Factory is one of the leading factories in the field of concrete production in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in Al-Madinah. The factory is considered one of the most advanced using the ALCON operating system, relying on the latest technologies and equipment to efficiently meet customers’ needs with high quality.

Services provided by DCCG Factory:

  1. Production and supply of a variety of ready-mix concrete for construction and real estate projects.
  2. Provision of specialized technical consultations in the field of concrete.
  3. Transportation and delivery services for concrete to project sites.
  4. Ensuring high quality of the produced concrete by using the best raw materials and equipment.
  5. Flexibly and effectively meeting customer needs, ensuring timely delivery.

Factory Facilities:

  1. Concrete mixing plant with a production capacity of up to 120 cubic meters per hour.
  2. Pump with a length of 42 meters.
  3. Five mixers with a capacity of 12 cubic meters each.
  4. Comprehensive concrete testing laboratory.
  5. Material supplies capable of producing over 2000 cubic meters.
  6. Three cement silos with a capacity of 150 tons each.
  7. Additional supporting facilities to facilitate production operations.

At DCCG Ready-Mix Concrete Factory, we adhere to the highest quality standards in every stage of our production to ensure the delivery of durable, sustainable, and high-performance concrete products for all your projects.